House Rules

This game will have a few extra house rules to keep things moving. My goal is to not let any one rule get in the way of good story telling. If I feel that looking up a rule is dragging down the flow and making people bored, I’ll make a ruling off-the-cuff and just keep going. We can look up the official rule off-line and do it “right” later.

There will also be a few additional hooks in this game, should anyone choose to employ them. No one HAS to use any of the following house rules, but they are there if players want to get a bit of a break.

Gemonics — This is a new power set that I’m play-testing to try to create a balanced caster-only character. The concept is that any Gemonics character is DESIGNED to never carry a weapon. They fight with their mind. If you even end up carrying a weapon, you’re doing it wrong. Should any player choose to help me out with play-testing this new concept, let me know! We’ll work together on it.

Bennies — I plan on implementing “Bennies” for my game. Each session, you start with one bennie. For great RP moments, ingenious solutions, quick thinking, etc, you can earn more. Bennies do not carry over from session to session.

A bennie can be cashed in to:

  • re-roll any dice roll… you must take the result of the second roll, even if it is worse.
  • Automatically confirm a crit (instead of rolling to confirm)
  • Add +1 to any skill check, attack roll (not damage), or saving throw. CANNOT USE MULTIPLE BENNIES TO STACK THIS EFFECT.

Caster Relief — If you play a caster character, I want to make your life (and mine) a wee bit easier. Since my goal is to keep the party moving forward at a fast pace (and keep it very lively and active), there probably won’t be a ton of down-time to sit and swap out spells, recharge, and get comfortable in any one environment. Each week, things will change rapidly, so having spells that worked for you last week prepared THIS week may be a waste of time.

Instead of trying to remember from session to session what you memorized the last time you ‘slept’ (which may be four or five sessions ago) you can choose to just earn so many spell slots per day. So instead of memorizing specific spells per slot, you just have X slots per day (per level) to use. You can cast any spell of the appropriate level in any slot (making Wizards much more “sorcerer-like”… I know.) However, I find that this makes being a caster much more palatable, makes being a caster much more useful to the party and relieves a ton of paperwork headache.

House Rules

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